The expressions have (or take, etc.) the (or an, every, etc.) opportunity are followed either by a to-infinitive or by of + verbal noun:

• I was eager to snatch at every opportunity to get myself established as a writer, film-maker, what-have-you, in an effort to find a clearly defined career —Chris Bonington, 1973

• He takes the opportunity to castigate the creeping hypocrisy and social climbing which had always called forth his most bitter satire —Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, 1978

• The primary school kids have the opportunity of working with micros in their normal classroom activities —Listener, 1983.

For is normally used when an ordinary noun follows:

• Happily there was no opportunity for soddishness about whom I should go with —D. Craig, 1970.

Modern English usage. 2014.